About Us

Over the last 21 years, AKR Technology  has established itself as a consistent and reliable software company through its commitment and dedication towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company specializes in software solutions that provide competitive advantage by improving decision-making process and enhancing business performance of customers. Alien believes in a unique, upscale and innovative work environment to provide better customer satisfaction through quality innovation. We continually strive to build such an atmosphere, which will spawn innovation in delivering higher value for money to our customers..

At AKR , we bring talents, technologies and values in one platform and transform the potential of a group dedicated professionals into the reality with a dream to introduce quality software solutions to the world market. We are organized under the leadership of internationally experienced specialists in the fields of Business and Information Technology with a focus in software development.

The company positions itself globally through software development, consultancy services and couple of its flagship products.

AKR Mission
We are deeply committed to become a successful global company leveraging the creativity and hard work of our bright and passionate individuals and positioning their services to the global market. .
AKR Vision

We envisage to be the center of excellence in software development and services ranking among the top ten fastest growing companies in Asia.
AKR Objectives

To increase revenue by 50% annually through commitment, innovation and dedication. To become one of the leading global Hospital Management software provider and local Construction ERP solution providers with in 2012. Have at least 10 Offshore Development Centers (ODC) through Alien USA and other overseas marketing effort by 2012. provider within 2014.
Maintain R& D Focus on the futuristic domain.

AKR Technology others concerns support
Considerably large company
Unique and demanding products and services for exporters
Increasing demand of the products & services
Possible to value addition to products
Growing demand and new customers

New Establishment.
Lack of Professionalism in Working.
Lack of Marketing and Promotion Abroad.
Lack of Communication.
Lack of Customers Awareness.
Staff and workers skills (Lacking of skill training from abroad).

Good response from local & international market.
Utilization of the service with many products.
Government Tax relaxation and support in this sector.
Import duties relaxation for IT related machineries & equipment.
Government steps towards brand authentication.
Awareness among consumers & exporters.
Big Marketing Scope in International Market.
Availability and Utilization Of Cheap Rate IT professional .

India, Vietnam, and Pakistan are the Big Threats in Exports of Software.
Competition in Local and International Market.
Low Quality and Cheap Software making.
AKR Team

AKR Technology has brought together superior management professionals, software architects, programming experts, systems analysts, creative designers, and mid-level managers with educational backgrounds in Disciplines ranging from computer science, engineering and fine arts to accounting and business administration. Our professional developers are experts in a wide range of industry standards, including COM+; Java – J2SE, .NET , Android Apps Development , J2EE,UX,UI, J2ME; XML, XSL, WML; ASP, JSP; C#, C, C++/V C++; Flash; VB 6 ,VB.net  and SQL.

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