Our Products

Skilled IT professionals in the year 2006 under proprietorship arrangement to serve the IT market and now it has a total strength of 40 persons.

By this span of time, the company has achieved a leadership role on software development arena in Bangladesh by introducing different products and providing satisfactory services to the clients.

Over 8 years of exertion, the company has developed a range of solutions and gained experienced in the services. The range of services it offers to the clients is:

                       a.  Software development
                       b.  LAN & WAN Connection
                       c.  Hardware Sales
                       d.  Research & Development
                       e.  E-commerce Solutions

                                 i.  E-learning Solutions 
                                 ii.  Web Page Development
                                 iii.  Consultancy Service
                                iv.  Quality Assurance
                                 v.  Data Entry Processing

                         f.  Local Training
                         g.  Foreign Training  
Some of the products invented by AKR Technology are given below:

  • Inventory Management system
  • Patient Management system
  • Accounts Management system
  • Payroll Management system
  • Student Management system
  • Asset Management System
  • Transport Management System
  • Garments Management System
  • Hospital Management System
  • Hotel Management System
  • Gas Station Management System
  • HR Data-base & Tools
  • Personnel Management Information System(PMIS)
  • Export & Import Management system
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • DHL Money receipt Management system
  • DHL Sales Leads
  • DHL Helpdesk Management System
  • Reproductive health Management System
  • Electricity Billing Management system
  • Fish Advice System
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