Basic Computer Training and Advance Computer Training (Computer Fundamental, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Hardware trouble shooting, Adobe Photo Shop and MS Access , Internet , Webpage design )

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There are certain basic and advanced level computer courses that can give you a job. Even if you are employed you need to know some of the basics of computers. These courses are both basic and advanced. Basic to advanced computer courses are for everybody employed as well as job seekers. Basic to advanced courses are very important not just for getting a job but also to be a computer literate. Even if you are employed and making good money you need to learn some of the basic & advanced computer courses. Basics include learning functions of computers, keyboard shortcut, MS office, internet etc. This job can get you ahead of others whether you are looking for a new job or a promotion. Below are some of the basics to advanced course you will going learn.

Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft office suite is the most important software when it comes to learning computers. If you have to be a computer literate then you must learn MS office. MS office is very vast as it has many software programs like MS word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Outlook etc. If you are seeking a job then you must learn every one of them especially MS Excel. MS Excel is very vast to learn. You have to learn so many things that may take months, but our advance learning method would help you to learn it within a very short time period.

MS Word: Let us start with MS word. It is very basic and everyone can learn job seekers and employed ones. MS Word might help you to create great documents that you might need in your office to increase productivity. MS Word will save you a lot of time if you know how to use its every feature. Now it comes loaded with many new features that were missing in previous version. With our modern learning technique you will able to learn MS Word very effectively in a short period of time. So learn it and save your day.

MS Excel: MS Excel is very important if you are a job seeker. You will easily get a job if you know how to work with MS Excel. However MS excel is not as easy as MS word because you have to learn many tricks before you become master at it. Whether it is working with cells, putting formulas, working around sheets, creating lists etc it is really a vast subject and you need at least 6 months or years to learn every aspect of it. But it will guarantee you a job. But by the help of our advanced learning method, you will become master of it within a very short time.

MS Power Point: MS PowerPoint is great for people who have a job where they need to explain things on a chart or a projector. You can learn how to create excellent titles and bulleted points if you want to explain something to your clients or students. You don’t have to learn for the sake of getting a job but you can learn so you become more productive at work.

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