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Mobile Game and Application Development Project, ICT Division

Mobile Gaming is the future. The global revenue is poised to hit 45 billion this year Smartphones are getting better every day. Processor makers coming up with powerful processors with upgraded gaming performance every year. Apple’s App Store and Google Play store are flooding out with new games every day. Many PC and Console gaming developers are now focusing on Mobiles. The main reason for this is accessibility. Everyone is holding a phone, which can play game. So obviously, they will look for titles to play with. So developers are now catching up with users. From simple games like Angry Birds and subway surfers to Graphic intensive games has millions of downloads under their name. Mobile Gaming industry in Bangladesh is at a different phase now. 

The provided game concept is just an initial idea with basic features which can be changeable. After successful analysis of each and every requirement of 5 games selected vendor will prepared individual SRS document for each game and seek for the approval from the Project authority. Later selected vendor will develop all the games based on approved SRS.

Initial Game Concept/ideas are attached below:

  1. Tiny World (Microscopic World Game)
  2. Dream to be a Sculpture (Learning Sculpting through game)
  3. Healthy Scramble (Healthy Word Scramble Game)
  4. Rainbow book (Coloring Book Game)
  5. The Civilization Game (Age of 2048/three)


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